The Studio

Alchemy is a petite calligraphy and design studio beholden to creating fine art stationery and luxury branding. Our creative process embodies a refined approach, resulting in exquisite designs most well-known for their distinct ethereal yet bohème aesthetic.

Our Founder

Molly Adamson Gilbane is the founder and creative director behind Alchemy Calligraphy and Design. A sought-after designer with wildly imaginative design sensibilities, she displays an innate ability to convey depth and emotion by expertly blending fine art materials with calligraphy and mixed media embellishments. Her work results in a stunningly visual yet tactile experience for clients and guests alike.

A native Portlandian, Molly currently resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Bobby and sweet sunshine of a son, Conrad. She enjoys oil painting, reading historical novels, cultivating herbs in the garden, and hiking in Rock Creek Park with her labradoodle, Hudson. In addition, she is currently learning to speak French, improve her tennis game and play the violin.

Having spent the last decade as a registered nurse, Molly is passionate about preventive medicine and holds a deep love for holistic care and wellness. Fueled by this passion, Alchemy has made the commitment to set aside 10% of our profit to serve those in need— both locally and abroad. To learn more about past missions and future endeavors, click here.