The Diaphanous Collection

The common design thread throughout our collection is a diaphanous aesthetic— light, airy, semi-translucent— a play on layers and negative space. Numerous embellishments including film, vellum, textiles, thread, ribbon and paint embody this aesthetic and evoke a feeling of whimsy through transparency and illusion.

no. 01 — Étoile

Minimal yet captivating, this suite features stunning typography printed on a delicate film overlay. Meticulous paint strokes on fine art, hand torn paper provide a rich, tactile background. The alchemy of illusion and negative space— this suite is bound to leave guests awed.


no. 02 — Serein

French for “a fine mist falling from a cloudless sky,” this understated suite embodies chic minimalism at it’s best. Semi-transparent vellum and fine art, hand torn paper are bound together with shimmery thread to create a refined design, rich in character. For the design-conscious couple and modern bride alike.



no. 03 — Botanique

For the lovers and the dreamers. This ethereal suite exudes modern romance through the use of wild foliage and intriguing materials. The invitation features stunning linen sandwiched between semi-transparent vellum and fine art, hand torn paper; while the enclosure card includes a clear wax seal sprinkled with delicate floral confetti. Our most whimsical suite to date.



no. 04 — Vieux Monde

Inspired by ancient masonry and crumbling facades, this suite is the epitome of old world romanticism. The Save the Date includes a venue illustration of your choosing— printed on semi-transparent vellum and secured with petite brads. Composed of a luxurious suede overlay on fine art, hand torn paper— the invitation is beautifully finished with hand dyed silk ribbon. This suite is truly a work of art.


florals and styling by La Fleur Du Jour | @lafleurdujour